The Actors Guild has lost its vibrancy – Kofi Adjorlolo

Popular Ghanaian actor Kofi Adjorlolo says the Ghana Actors Guild has lost its relevance.
He said, “I am sorry to say that even though we have a guild it is not as vibrant as I would have wished it to be, I believe it is not that good.”
Kofi was speaking in an interview with Hitz FM’s Entertainment This Week with MzGee last Saturday on what the industry has done in memory of the late Suzy Williams ten years after her demise.
He explained further on Daybreak Hitz (Showbiz Review) on Hitz FM on Monday that, “It’s an open fact that our Guild is not working, they can go for meetings 10 times in a year and it will be the same.”
Kofi cited an instance when he and other actors were banned by producers in Ghana, and the guild did not even issue a statement to support them. “There was nothing like a communiqué from the guild when producers banned me for two years.”
“It’s not about going to meetings; it’s not about how many times you go to meetings, it is about how best you can organise yourself.”
He said he sometimes asks himself what is really happening to the Ghanaian movie industry, “we have a problem that is why even the Kumawood industry decided to form their own Guild,” he added.
Veteran Ghanaian actor and President of the Actors Guild of Ghana, Rev. Eddie Coffie, reacting to Kofi’s utterances called on members of the Guild to participate in its activities instead of standing at a distance and throwing punches at the association.
“I am surprised that Kofi is saying this, ever since he joined the Guild about three years ago, he has never attended any of our meetings, if he is saying that we are not serious, he should come and tell us where we should be vibrant and up and doing.”
“I need him and I don’t want to see him standing afar complaining, come let’s work to make things right,” he told Black I.
The actor said even though the Guild has plans, it’s unable to execute them because the members do not avail themselves for meetings.
He called on Kofi and other members of the guild to draw closer to the association and voice out their worries, saying, “we are serious and want to move but we cannot move when they are not around.”
“We need all members to also join us, if the members are not showing seriousness where do you expect us to be,” he quizzed
Mr. Coffie pointed to lack of finance as the union’s key challenge and called on all members to pay their dues as expected of them.
Source: Hitz News

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