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Minority questions request for 30 cars to fight bird flu

The Minority in Parliament is fuming over a decision by the Veterinary Service Department to buy 30 new vehicles to fight the outbreak of the bird flu in Ghana.
The Minority is of the view that it is unwise to consider such an option at this critical moment.
Speaking on the floor of Parliament on Thursday, the Minority Spokesperson on Finance and MP for Old Tafo, Dr Anthony Akoto Osei said some civil servants want to benefit from the current emergency.
He questioned why the Veterinary Service Department suddenly wants to buy 30 new cars to deal with the outbreak of the disease while they lack basic logistics and drugs to combat bird flu.

“The propensity of people to find additional money for non-emergency is irritating. The question I want to ask is that currently, how many cars do they have? But because they have an emergency, they are proposing to buy 30 new cars at the cost of GHC 30 million,” he fumed.
“But look at the logic; because there is an emergency, let’s beef up! That is my point! If you do that, some of us will give you zero because they are not dealing with the emergency,” he added.
Credit: citifmnews

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