Ghana’s movie industry stakeholders frown at film bill

Independent movie makers are not happy about a proposed film bill that has been lying in Ghana’s Parliament for years.
The group, calling itself Unite Against Film Bill, says government should not pass the bill into law because it won’t benefit current movie industry practitioners.
“The content of the film bill is technically meant to destroy the current film industry and create a new one that government agencies like NAFTI, GAFTA and some selfish individuals will dictate for the film industry. These government agencies have not produced films in this country for more than 15-20 years now. Yet they claim they are the owners of the film industry in Ghana,” the group claimed yesterday.
Members said today, Friday, July 17, they would converge at the Arts Centre in Accra, near the Tema station, to demonstration against the bill.
The film bill has been before Parliament for a very long time. Socrates Sarfo and other producers have been pivotal in pressurising current and past governments to pass the bill into law, to no avail.
However, some stakeholders are now arguing that times have changed and that industry players should go back to the drawing board and modify the content of the bill.
Credit: Daily Guide

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