Controversy hits Television Awards Ghana

Even before the second edition of Television Awards Ghana organised by Show Time Television takes place on August 14, 2015, controversy is brewing following litigation over the event name.
The Chief Executive Officer of the Radio and Television Personality Awards (RTP), Prince Mackay, claims he owns the name Television Awards Ghana because he registered it in 2013 but his ‘opponent,’ Show Time Television, holds a different view.
Prince Mackay is threatening to sue Show Time Television for using his company name Television Awards Ghana to organise the upcoming awards but the latter is unfazed.
Mackay told Showbiz in an interview last Friday that he was not against Show Time Television organising the award but his problem had to do with name “Television Awards Ghana.”
“I am not stopping them from organising the awards, my bone of contention has to do with the name Television Awards Ghana which is registered in my company’s name.” he emphasised.
Asked why he did not register his displeasure when the awards came off last year, the RTP CEO told Showbiz he did not act because he wanted to avoid unnecessary attention, however, he thinks it was time to resolve the issue.
He explained that the timing was right to stop Show Time Television from using the name Television Awards Ghana because it would affect his business.
On the other hand, the project manager of Television Awards Ghana, Gideon Kwamla Oyiadzo defended the name of the awards and challenged Mackay to take the issue to court if he had anything to prove.
According to Oyiadzo, his lawyers were also on the case and did not want to give too much detail on the issue.
Source: Showbiz News

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