Hans Adu Sarpei wins 2015 ‘Let’s Dance’- Germany edition

Ex-Black stars defender, Hans Adu Sarpei, has won Germany’s Let’s Dance 2015 competition after what was described as “an electrifying performance”.
According to German website RTL, it was a thrilling final and after nine tense dances, critical jury judgements and long minutes of waiting, Hans Sarpei, together with professional dancer Kathrin Menzinger, secured the “Dancing Star” title at the “Let’s Dance” 2015 competition.
In second place was Minh Khai Phan-Thi and professional dancer Massimo Sinato, whilst Matthias Steiner and professional dancer Ekaterina Leonova took third place.
Joachim Llambi, a member of the jury, commended Sarpei’s performance, saying: “I’m very excited about it, what you are, and your body chemistry because in a positive sense you have a lot of rhythm in the body… the hip moves.”
‘Let’s Dance’ juror, Jorge Gonzalez added: “This is hip hop, which is rhythm. That’s cool, that’s very good, Hans.”

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