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Kejetia traders boycott KMA registration

Kejetia traders have today boycotted a registration process agreed on last Friday between the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) and the Kejetia Traders Association (KTA).
The situation was out of hand and the mood there could be described as boisterous as the traders expressed fury towards the KMA officials while private registration by the KTA was ongoing.
Speaking to Kessben TV, the Public Relations Officer of the Kejetia Traders Association, Andrews Kwofie explained that due to some statements made by Kumasi Mayor Kojo Bonsu, they have refused to comply with the initial agreement for the KMA to conduct a registration exercise to collect data on the number of people plying their trade at Kejetia, adding that the mayor has his credibility dented and that they can not trust him.
Mr Kwofie added that due to the trust issues they have with the mayor, they have contracted a private company to conduct their personal registration in order to compare these with the KMA figures to eliminate any shady acts.
Reports suggest that the mayor said after the registration exercise he will immediately initiate a move to relocate traders and reconstruct the Kejetia Market.
Reacting to this, the metro coordinating director, Michael Attaogye said the exercise is only to collect data and that no one is going to be relocated after the exercise. He described the actions of the traders as uncalled for as he did not know the basis of their boycott of the registration exercise.

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