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Letter to the President – on his second anniversary

Your Excellency, congratulations on your 2nd year anniversary as President of the Republic of Ghana.
It’s an honour to have a humble and gentle man like you as my President. Please do well to invite me for the party.
Today, I listened to a number of radio stations in Kumasi. Callers were asked to mark your output so far. Some were giving you 5%, 1% and amusingly, someone said -100%. I really wonder what the person was thinking. Its either he doesn’t listen to the news or no project was done in his community.
Mr. President, am not going to mark you, because I know for sure you are working.
I have seen more pressure groups and demonstrations hitting at you every now and then. Thanks to your communicators, Hon. Omane and Hon. Kwakye and the NDC communicators across the country. They try hard to use their persuasion skills to cool down Ghanaians though some utterances were seen as rude.
What Ghanaians want
I want you to know that Ghanaians are not demanding too much from you. All they need is some few things to make them comfortable, thus;
1. Good roads so they can travel comfortably- without dust.
2. A well structured NHIS system so that, citizens pay less when they visit the hospital.
3. A good school feeding program so that, pupils and students are well fed at school.
4. Reduced import duties so that items will not be sold at higher prices at the market.
5. Reduced fuel prices so that we those who do not have cars can afford using private and public transport.
Mr. President, can you imagine how a worker who takes a salary of GHC 800 celebrated the Christmas. This same worker may also happen to be the bread winner of a family of two on the average. Indirectly, he is paid GHC 27 a day.
Mr. President, some people even earn lesser than GHC 800. Just imagine how they survive, high cost at buying items, transportation, school fees etc.
Ghanaians are not asking for too much, I know of a Watchman in my area who is paid GHC 200. He spends GHC 4.00 on transportation every day to Adum where he works.
Mr. President, he will spend GHC 124.00 on transportation and save GHC 76.00. He pays school fees, water bill, electricity bill and feeds his family out of the GHC 76.00 he saved.
With all due respect Mr. President, am not sure you can really be comfortable with a life like this.
Other countries are demanding more from their leaders. They are demanding strong Military and Technological advancements. But all we need is those 5 items above.
I pray for you Mr. President that, the two years ahead will become better than the past two years.
I pray God grants you the heart to contain all the criticisms that come your way.
I pray you see all those who are not working hard enough to make your Presidency a success.
I pray you get the courage to fire Ministers, MMDCE’s who are not working hard.
Mr. President, please remember;
God bless you. I wish you all the best Mr. President.
Yours Sincerely,
Francis K.B. Fofie

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