Taxi drivers in Accra demonstrate over fuel increment

The Taxi Drivers Association in Accra yesterday staged a serious demonstration over what they term as unfair treatment on the part of government.
The drivers indicated that the price of fuel at the world market has reduced, but the government is rather increasing it, in addition to the high cost of living.
They complained that the taxi business is gradually collapsing in the country. With their placards they chanted war songs as they walked through the main streets of Accra.
The peaceful demonstration, which was christened: “Obia ho kyere no”, which means ‘everyone is affected’ started at the Obra Spot at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, at about 6:30 AM.
The demonstration saw drew thousands of Ghanaians who believe the current hikes in oil prices coupled with economic hardship have had debilitating effects on their lives and businesses.
Accompanied by some former ministers and MPs the demonstrators spent hours in the scorching sun sitting and wailing as well as kneeling on the heated asphalted roads at various stops on their way to Hearts Park where they were addressed by their leaders.
Dressed in red attire, the angry demonstrators carried various placards directed at the President John Mahama and the current government. Some of these read: ‘Mahama Empire is Collapsing’; ‘Mahama and NDC Gov’t Want to Sell Ghana’; ‘Mahama For Sale’; ‘419 Gov’t’; ‘Boko Haram NDC Gov’t”, and ‘Mahama Reduce Fuel Prices Now’.
According to the drivers, the reason for the demonstration included abundant corruption in the current national administration which saw a fuel price increment and retention of the old fares.
They said the new increases did not correspond with increases in transport fares. That situation, they said, affected their daily incomes and also brought confrontations between them and passengers.
The taxi drivers also protested the increase in Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) embossment fees, road worthy license among others.

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