Make clearing of the nation’s filth your priority not free SHS – Deputy minority leader challenges Gov't

Deputy Minority Leader Dominic Nitiwul has said the president should clear the nation of filth, rather than making the Free Senior High School (SHS) Policy his priority.
He said Ghana has serious sanitation problems which need much attention that should attract government’s commitment instead of looking for money to provide freebies to schools to score political points.
“Every part of Ghana is engulfed in filth six years after the NDC government promised to clear the country of filth within 100 days,” Mr Nitiwul said. “Government must prioritize its activities. Government must stop looking for money to be able to do free education, when you don’t have money to even clear the filth.”.
Mr Nitiwul added: “Government must stop giving more promises that we are going to give free shoes to school children when you don’t have money to clear the filth.
“That you promised to clear the filth you have not been able to clear, and what government is doing is that ‘well we are going to look for votes so we will give free education, free shoes etc’.”
The capital, Accra, and other cities across the country are facing serious waste management problems due to government’s inability to pay waste collectors and lack of adequate landfill sites.
Mr. Nitiwul warned of a possible outbreak of disease if sanitation issues are not well managed and called for a change of attitude among residents.

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