Prez Mahama is not worried NPP is challenging his victory – Sulley Gariba

Presidential Policy Advisor Dr Suley Gariba says the president is unfazed by the New Patriotic Party (NPP’s) decision to contest his victory in the December 7 polls at the law court.
According to him, President John Mahama has no doubt in his mind that he won the 2012 elections fairly and is therefore not troubled at all by the opposition’s claims that the polls were rigged in his favour.
“There is not a single hesitation in the mind of the president that… he won lawfully, fairly,” Sully Gariba stated, adding Mr Mahama is pleased that the elections went peacefully.
The NPP is expected to proceed to court to prove a case of fraud it alleges characterised the tallying of results of the December polls.
Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Monday, Dr Gariba stated that the president was pleased the NPP had chosen to follow due process in addressing their grievances.
“President Mahama is very pleased that grievances from an election can be challenged through the constitutional processes. He has no problem with that at all,” he maintained.
Dr. Gariba said the president recognised full well that “he has an onerous responsibility to use his first term to reunite this country.”
He believes Mr. Mahama will galvanize the “collective energies of all regions, gender groups and also even [persons of other] political persuasions to form a government that can give a real substance of inclusion without diminishing he substance of his victory under the NDC [National Democratic Congress]”.
Ghanaians, he said, will witness some measure of reform in the governance of the nation as well as some form of “freshness, innovation and cool headedness.”
Dr. Gariba is convinced the president will prove to the citizenry that he means well for the nation.
“President Mahama…will be truthful to this country; he will form a government that he and the country will be proud of,” he insisted.
Source:Joy News/Ghana

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