NPP Statement: Prez Mahama Is Interfering In Electoral Matters

The NPP condemns in the strongest possible terms, the blatant interference with the electoral process perpetrated by the NDC presidential candidate, John Mahama. Mr Mahama has no right to state publicly that verification machines should be bypassed. That is a direct contravention of CI 75 and is unconstitutional.
It is the Electoral Commission’s duty to deliver a credible and legitimate election. For election 2012, a credible election means NO VERIFICATION, NO VOTE, and the people of Ghana expect nothing less from the Electoral Commission.
This election is based on only one standard. NO VERIFICATION NO VOTE. No party will accept manual verification after the fact when results in the field are allegedly reported without verification. Such results should be rejected outright.
Hence, the NPP demands that the EC deliver verification machines that function if the election is to meet the EC’s own standard and deliver the legitimate and credible result that the people of Ghana require.
Yaw Buaben Asamoa
NPP Deputy Communications Director

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