Sarkodie ‘Stabs’ R2Bees

According to credible information available to, all is not well between two Tema based artistes R2bees and Sarkodie due to a looming tension between the two. The best pals fell off last weekend over an issue of mistrust and betrayal.
Sarkodie and R2bees who were billed alongside a Pan African group P-Square on the “Top of the World Celebration” concert, together threatened to boycott the show prior to the main night allegedly over an alleged huge disparity between their performance fee of (¢20,000 and ¢10,000 respectively) and that of the Nigerian stars P-Square, who reportedly charged close to $.200, 000.
The two confronted the organizers together on Thursday evening November 22, and demanded additional money or they would not mount the stage.
According to  a close source, managements of Sarkodie and R2Bees were still in talks with the organizers the whole of Thursday and Friday still insisting on being paid more, but late Friday night a call was placed from Sarkodie’s camp to one of the senior executives of Charter House, organizers of the event, that they should forget about their demand and that Sarkodie was ready to perform.
Interestingly, all this happened without the knowledge of R2Bees or their manager who were leading the ‘crusade’ for more money. The duo (Mugees and Paedae) felt betrayed and disappointed in Sarkodie and his management, for stabbing them in the back to perform on a show they have both agreed not to perform until the organizers increase their performance fee.
According to Ike, manager of R2Bees, they had that information on Friday night when he was still negotiating that Sarkodie had agreed to perform, and when he confronted Sammy Forson, Sarkodie’s manage; he confirmed that indeed they had agreed to perform because they didn’t want any bad blood between them and the organizers. According to him they didn’t believe it until they were informed that Sarkodie actually mounted the stage to perform at the Independence Square, and that they (R2Bees) were replaced with Samini.
The group is currently dumbfounded that their friend Sarkodie could betray them for something they are both trying to change for the benefit of every Ghanaian artiste. They also feel misled because gathers that this whole idea to boycott the show was Sarkodie’s idea and they trusted him enough to play along, but he rather double-crossed them.
However, R2Bees manager told that “Oh! We as R2Bees do not hold anything against Sarkodie, we don’t have any problem with him but all I can say is that we have learnt our lessons. We have advised ourselves” Ike said admitting that Sarkodie “Obidiponbidi” has indeed ‘played Judas’ with them.
Meanwhile, when contacted Sammy Forson Sarkodie’s manager, he promised giving us details of the whole issue later and stated that neither he nor Sarkodie betrayed anybody. “I will let you know the facts soon but let me put on record that Sarkodie didn’t betray nobody”, Sammy stressed.
It will be recalled that Sarkodie and R2bees started this crusade together against the event a organizers few days ago, and they both agreed to keep rebelling against event organizers until they treat Ghanaian artistes better than they do now.
They started this at the Joy FM “Nite With the Stars” on Saturday November 24, 2012 inside The Dome, when they both refused to perform even though they were at the venue, because according to them security was poor and also because their colleague Kwaw Kesse was attacked after his performance and after other confrontations backstage.
Even though both artistes are trying to paint a perfect picture to the public as though everything is fine between them, can confirm that R2Bees have refused to communicate with Sarkodie since Saturday till date.
This is not too good for both artistes and their fans, because the two have quite a number of songs together, including Sarkodie biggest hit song “Baby”, which features Mugees, “Agyeeeii” by R2Bees and R2bees, latest single “Bayla Trap” which features Sarkodie, among other popular songs.
Source: Peacefmonline

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