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Intensify education on peace and tolerance – Bombande

The Executive Director of the West African Network for Peace (WANEP), Mr. Emmanuel Bombande has called on Civil Society groups to intensify their efforts to educate the Ghanaian electorate on the meaning of tolerance and the value of peace in this electioneering period.

“We must intensify our efforts to be able to sensitize the meaning of tolerance, the value of peace and why people must ensure that peaceful election is not just because we want peace, but that is exactly what will propel Ghana into its future of prosperity.”

According to him, Ghana’s capacity as a nation to campaign for peace is a plus and a positive sign of ensuring a free and fair election 2012.

He said: “Nobody can say that Ghanaians have not done well by insisting and campaigning for peace, that we have the capacity to detect and prevent electoral violence and that is what we are engaged in with all stakeholders.”

Speaking on Eyewitness News on Friday, Mr. Bombande noted that recent incidents and activities occurring ahead of next week’s elections show that the Police are assertive, firm on the ground saying, “the more they [Police] deter us will make people think twice before they engage in any act of violence during the elections.”

Mr. Bombande said WANEP has set up a situation room, in which they will mediate any election result dispute so that the process in itself will ensure there is peace.

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