Eliminated schools under trees,published by the NDC

Government has began what it termed the serialization of the 1,775 schools it commenced construction over the last three years to replace the over 4,000 schools under trees phenomenon it inherited in 2009.

A statement signed by Deputy Minister of Information Mr. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa said Government has decided to publish the full list because of the unjustified and constant attacks from leading members of the NPP and the NPP’s propaganda wing – the Danquah Institute; which claims that its research showed that only 480 schools under trees have been eliminated.

According to the statement, Government was making available the full details including specific locations in regions and districts, name of school and description of the projects in order to facilitate easy verification.

Mr. Okudzeto Ablakwa stated that the first batch of 600 schools constructed since 2009 which far exceeds the Danquah Institute’s 480 was being published in this first publication and that the next set of 600 will be published next week to be followed by the final set.

This the statement said will allow for a thorough assessment of the information being serialized even within the obvious constraints of publishing space.

Mr. Okudzeto Ablakwa stressed that the NDC Government will fiercely resist attempts by the NPP to reduce the NDC to the NPP’s abysmal record when it came to quality and accessible education.

The statement added that unlike the NPP which promised on page 29 of its 2000 Manifesto to establish a polytechnic in every district of Ghana but failed woefully to even establish a single one, the NDC Government has kept faith with the people of Ghana and deserves to be trusted with the future of Ghana’s education.

The first set of 600 schools constructed is published below.

Ashanti Region
Adansi North Tawiakrom D/A Primary
Afigya Kwabre Abidjankrom D/A Primary
Afigya Kwabre Bronkrong D/A Primary
Afigya Kwabre Kodie Methodist Primary
Ahafo Ano South Anitemfe D/A Primary
Ahafo Ano South Boateng Krom Islamic Primary
Ahafo ano South Ibrahimyya Islamic Primary
Ahafo Ano South Onyamebekyere Primary
Amansie West Akontamu D/A Primary
Asantee Akim North Adinkrakrom M/A Primary
Atwima Mponua Kotokuom Islamic Primary
Atwima Nwabiagya Akuapim Primary
Atwima Nwabiagya Sakraka Primary
Bekwai Daa(Dora) M/A Primary
Bekwai Etwereeso M/A Primary
Bekwai Sunkyerekrom M/A Primary
Bosome Freho Anomawobi Primary
Bosome Freho Somadadieso Primary
Ejisu-Juaben Baworo M/A Primary
Ejisu-Juaben Ejisu MA Experimental Primary
Ejisu-Juaben Odoyefe M/A Kindergarten Sh.
Ejisu-Juaben Peminase M/A Kindergarten Sch.
Ejura/Sekyeredumase Apaaso Primary
Ejura/Sekyeredumase Dweneho Primary
Ejura/Sekyeredumase Mesuo Primary
Ejura/Sekyeredumase Nsubonta TI Ahmadiyya Primary
Kumasi Metro Akorem L/A Primary
Kumasi Metro Annyano M/A Primary Moshie Zongo
Kumasi Metro Ansarul Islamic Primary New Zongo
Kumasi Metro Boukrom M/A Primary
Kumasi Metro King Faisal School
Kumasi Metro Kronum-Kwapra M/A Primary
Kumasi Metro Makro M/A Primary
Kumasi Metro Osmaniaya Islamic School
Kwabre Ibadia Islamic Primary
Kwabre Kasaam Primary
Kwabre East Kenyase Brofuyedu
Offinso Municipal Nasureen Primary
Offinso North Nkwaduano Primary
Sekyere Afram Plains Salvation Army Primary, Dadease
Sekyere Afram Plains Drobonso SDA Primary
Sekyere Central Abaasua Primary
Sekyere Central Amoamang Methodist Primary
Sekyere Central Nyamebekyere TI Ahmadiyya Primary
Sekyere East Asokore Methodist Primary
Sekyere East Seniagya D/A Primary
Sekyere South (Afigya) Bepoase D/A Primary
Sekyere South (Afigya) Fonifoni D/A Primary
Sekyere South (Afigya) Wiamoase Deen Islamic Primary
Brong Ahafo Region
Asunafo North Municipal Adiepena L/A Primary
Asunafo North Municipal Mensakrom L/A Primary
Asunafo North Municipal Nyame Bekyere L/A Primary
Asunafo South Anwiaso Primary
Asunafo South Asiberem L/A Primary
Asunafo South Nobekaw Methodist Primary
Asunafo South District Abuom L/A Primary
Asunafo South District Kamirekrom L/A(Kukuom R/C) Primary
Asunafo South District Kwapong Presby Primary School
Asunafo South District Kwapong R/C Primary
Asunafo South District Nkawie L/A Primary
Asunafo South District Siana L/A (Kukuom SDA) Primary
Asutifi District Dadiesoabo Islamic Primary
Asutifi District Kenyasi No. 1 Methodist Primary
Asutifi District Kenyasi No.3 Primary
Asutifi District Mehame R/C Primary
Asutifi District Oseikrom D/A Primary
Asutifi District Woramumuso D/A Primary
Atebubu/Amantin Amantin English/Arabic Primary
Atebubu/Amantin Famfour D/A Primary School
Atebubu/Amantin Fanti-New Town Primary
Atebubu/Amantin Garadima D/A Primary School
Berekum Municipal Akatim R/C Primary School
Berekum Municipal Fetetaa R/C Primary School
Berekum Municipal S.D.A Primary School
Berekum Municipal St. Lucy M/A Primary, Jinijini
Dormaa East Dormaa Akuamu Presby Primary
Dormaa East Wamfie R/C Primary
Dormaa Municipal Aboabo No.4 Presby Primary
Dormaa Municipal Dormaa Ahenkro R/C Primary
Dormaa Municipal Nkrankwanta R/C Primary school
Jaman North Jinini Primary School
Jaman North Duadaso S.D.A Primary Sc

Jaman North
Goka Demonstration primary School

Jaman North
Sampa Model

Jaman South
Akosua Febiri Primary

Jaman South
Bonna D/A Primary School

Jaman South
Dwenem R/C Primary

Jaman South District
Kofitiakrom D/A Primary

Kintanpo Municipal
Dr. Saunders Primary, Kintampo

Kintanpo North Municipal
Kunsu Methodist Primary

Kintanpo North Municipal
Miawani L/A Primary School

Kintanpo North Municipal
Saeed Islamic Primary (Gulumpe)

Kintanpo South Municipal
Amoma-Nkwanta D/A Primary

Kintanpo South Municipal
Anyima Anglican Primary

Kintanpo South Municipal Nante Primary School (Agyegyemakunu
DA Primary)

Kintanpo South Municipal
Nante Zongo Primary School

Kintanpo South Municipal
Nimpu D/A Primary School

Nkoranza District
Fiema Saviour Primary School

Nkoranza District
Kranka Islamic Primary School

Nkoranza Municipal
Akuma Primary School

Nkoranza Municipal
Anama D/A Primary School

Nkoranza Municipal
Nankuma Saviour D/A Primary

Nkoranza Municipal
Nyanase D/A Primary School

Nkoranza North District
Domeabra D/A Primary

Nkoranza South District
Dompoase D/A Primary

Pru District
Ajaraja-Beposo D/A Primary School

Pru District
Fawoman Primary School

Pru District
Parambo D/A Pimary School

Pru District
Parambo Nsuano Primary

Sene District
Dogodagyi D/A Primary School

Sene District
krenkuase Primary School

Sene District
Nyankontre Primary School

Sunyani Municipal
Abesim Methodist primary

Sunyani Municipal
Sunyani Boahenkokor

Sunyani West
Amomasu Primary School

Sunyani West
Bouffourkrom D/A Primary

Sunyani West
Chiraa Islamic Primary School

Sunyani West
Chiraa Methodist Primary

Sunyani West
Chiraa S.D.A Primary School

Sunyani West
Odumasi Presby Primary School

Tain District
Banda Ahenkro Primary

Tain District
Brahani Primary School

Tain District
Fawoman L/A Primary School

Tain District
Hani R/C(Sebia Primary School)

Tano North
Bafforkrom D/A Priamry

Tano North
Terchire SDA Primary

Tano North District
Bomaa Islamic Primary School

Tano North District
Yamfo Presby School

Tano South
Bechem Islamic Primary

Tano South
Tuagyakrom L/A Primary

Techiman Municipal
Aburoso Islamic Primary

Techiman Municipal
Akrofrom Primary School

Techiman Municipal
Kenten L/A Primary

Techiman Municipal
Kokoago Primary School

Techiman Municipal
Kokroko L/A Primary School

Techiman Municipal
Krobo Islamic Primary School

Techiman Municipal
New Techiman Islamic Primary

Techiman Municipal
Nsuta R/C Primary

Techiman Municipal
Tanoboase Primary School

Techiman Municipal
Twumia Nkwanta Primary School

Wenchi Municipal
Akrobi St. Francis Primary

Wenchi Municipal
Aminkrom D/A Primary

Wenchi Municipal
Nchiraa Methodist Primary
Central Region
Abura/Asebu/Kwamankese Amosima Primary
Abura/Asebu/Kwamankese Oboka D/A Primary
Agona East Asafo Presby Primary
Agona East Duakwa Presby JHS
Agona East Kwanyako Catholic Primary
Agona East Mankrong Junction Nazifatu
Agona West Otsenkorang Presby Primary
Ajumako/Enyan/Essiam (AEEDA) Atwereboanda JHS
Ajumako/Enyan/Essiam (AEEDA) Enyan Denkyira D/A JHS A&B
Ajumako/Enyan/Essiam District Etsii Bewora Islamic Primary
Asikuma/Odoben/Brakwa Asrekwaa Fuquar Primary
Asikuma Odoben/Brakwa Odoben Islamic Primary
Awutu Senya Awutu Braku Zion Primary
Awutu Senya Kasoa Banat Abdhalla JHS
Awutu Senya Kwao Larbi Primary, Kasoa
Awutu Senya Odupongkpehe Primary
Awutu Senya District Opembo Anglican Primary
Effutu A.M.E. Zion Primary
Effutu Atekyedu M/A Primary
Effutu Don Bosco Primary
Effutu Junction/Roundabout Primary
Gomoa East Akropong No. 1 SDA Primary
Gomoa East Fetteh Dawson Mem SDA Primary
Gomoa East Gomoa Akwamu D/A Primary
Gomoa East Gomoa Fetteh Primary
Gomoa East Pomadze D/A Primary
Gomoa East Takyiam KG
Gomoa West Apam Primary A
Gomoa West Gomoa Ajumako D/C Primary
Gomoa West Gomoa Eshiem Primary
Gomoa West Gomoa Mprumem
Gomoa West Gomoa Mprumem Primary
Gomoa West Gomoa Okwamu Primary
Gomoa West Gyankrom Primary
Gomoa West Simbrofo D/A Primary
Komenda/Edina/Eguafo/Abirem Abrobiano Islamic Primary
Komenda/Edina/Eguafo/Abirem Anweem Kumasi Primary
Mfantseman Asaman Buaduakwaa M/A Primary
Mfantseman Baifikrom Primary
Mfantseman Bishop Lamaire Anglican Primary
Mfantseman Edukuma Islamic KG
Mfantseman Kwaekrom Anglican Primary
Mfantseman Obida Potwabin M/A
Mfantseman Waakrom JHS
Upper Denkyira East Modaso Ang Primary
Eastern Region
Akuapim North
Attabui D/A Primary
Akuapim North
Dawu/Awuku Meth. Primary
Akuapim North
Nyamebekyere D/A Primary
Akuapim North
Okrakwadwo Presby Primary
Akuapim North
Salem DA Primary
Akuapim North
Tinkong SDA Primary (S)
Akwapim South Municipal
Al-Rahji Islamic Primary
Akwapim South Municipal
Attakrom – Amanfrom L/A Pri
Akwapim South Municipal
Fotobi L/A JHS
Akwapim South Municipal
Obosono L/A JHS
Akwapim South Municipal
Obosono L/A Primary
Adwafo L/A Primary
Akim JHS
Gyaha L/A Primary
Agyabui L/A Primary
Ajena Donor Primary
Frankadua Baptist Primary
Kudikope LA Primary
Nuriya E/A Islamic Primary
Osoroase Krobon DA Primary
Atiwa Subriso – Abakoase DA
Tumfa Meth. Primary
Birim Central Municipal Amentem Nkwanta Catholic
Birim North
Nyafoman LA Primary
Birim North District
Amuana Praso Faith Primary
Birim South
Apoli Ningo Primary
Birim South
Asikasu L/A Primary
Birim South
Osorase RC Primary
Birim South District
Akenkenso L/A JHS
Birim South District
Nuriya E/A Primary
Birirm Central Municipal
Suponso Onomabo L/A JHS
East Akim Municipal
Akim Adukrom LA Primary

East Akim Municipal
Asikam Primary

East Akim Municipal
Osiem Islamic Primary

East Akim Municipal
Tontro MA Primary

Ayensu Anglican Primary

Dadestunya LA Primary

Troameleveme L/A Primary

Akwatia Islamic Primary

Nkwatanang RC Primary

Old Ntronang Primary

Kwahu East
Abisu No. 1 Primary

Kwahu East
Suntre RC Primary

Kwahu East District
Nteso DA JHS

Kwahu North
Ahiaproga Primary school

Kwahu North
Caterpilla Tornu Primary

Kwahu North Krokrobuta (Adamfe) DA Prima

Kwahu South
Asakraka Presby Primary

Kwahu South
Bepong Presby Primary

Kwahu South
Kayera DA Primary

Kwahu South District
Atuobikrom DA JHS

Kwahu South District
Koranteng DA JHS

Kwahu South District
Nketepa DA KG

Kwahu South District
Praso Presby B’ Primary

Kwahu West Municipal
Asubon Railways

Kwahu West Municipal
Kwahu Jejeti Presby Primary

Lower Manya Krobo
Atua St Paul Primary

Lower Manya Krobo
Matse Isreal DA Primary

Lower Manya Krobo
Nuaso St. Clement RC Primary

Lower Manya Krobo
Obelemanya Primary

Lower Manya Krobo
Piena Ayermensu DA Primary

Lower Manya Krobo
Presby JHS, Akuse

Lower Manya Krobo
Tsledorm DA Primary

Lower Manya Krobo
Yokuyim DA Primary

Lower Manya Krobo
Akuse Zongo Islamic Primary

Lower Manya Krobo
Nuaso Anglican JHS

New Juaben Municipal AME Zion Primary(Apimpoa
Islamic Primary school)

New Juaben Municipal
Rev. Fr. Lemaire Primary

New Juaben Municipal
St. Anne’s Primary

Suhum/Kraboa/ Coaltar
Tei Mensah Primary

Abenabo D/A Primary

Upper Manya Krobo
Bormase Hwenya Primary

Upper Manya Krobo
Kumakuma Anglican Primary

Upper Manya Krobo
Kwabea Teryi Primary

Upper Manya Krobo
Nyakumase Primary

Upper Manya Krobo
Sawa Yiti Presby Primary

West Akim Municipal
Adieso Anglican Primary

West Akim Municipal
Kwao Baah Anglican Primary
West Akim Municipal

Abamkrom Primary

West Akim Municipal
Adamu Fentwoma L/A Prim.

West Akim Municipal Adeiso Anglican
Primary(Adeiso Islamic

West Akim Municipal
Akim Boso Salvation Primary

West Akim Municipal Ama Ako Islamic Primary
School, Asamankese

West Akim Municipal
Kwasi Nyarko Presby Prim

West Akim Municipal
Okotokrom L/A Prim

West Akim Municipal
Okurase Primary School

Yilo Krobo
Klo-Agogo Anglican Primary

Yilo Krobo
Klo-Agogo RC Primary

Yilo Krobo
Nkurakan Primary

Yilo Krobo
Somanya Methodist Primary

Yilo Krobo Somanya Presby Primary
Greater Accra
Accra Metropolitan Osu Presby Boys’ Primary
Accra Metropolitan Osu Presby Girls’ Primary/JHS

Accra Metropolitan Osu Salem ‘5’ Primary

Dangme West Kasanya D/A Primary

Tema Metropolitan Sakumono M/A KG**

Tema Metropolitan Star Primary, Tema C5
Northern Region
Bole Agbodago/Ablikama
Bole Bole Methodist Primary
Bole Chunchere Primary
Bole Kilampobile R/C Primary
Bole Monkuma R/C Primary
Bunkpurugu/Yunyoo Bufauk Primary
Bunkpurugu/Yunyoo Gbingbani Primary
Central Gonja Kalinka Primary
Central Gonja Mpaha Primary
Central Gonja Sakpala Primary
Chereponi Asari L/A Primary
Chereponi Chereponi E.P J.H.S
Chereponi Konakabuso L/A Primary
Chereponi Ramania Primary
East Gonja Kafaba Sabonjida Primary
East Gonja Mataheko D/A Primary
East Gonja Salaga D/A Primary
East Mamprusi Bongni Primary
East Mamprusi Dindani Primary
East Mamprusi Gambaga Girl’s Primary
East Mamprusi Langbinsi Primary
East Mamprusi Zobzia Primary
Gushiegu Goma L/A Primary
Gushiegu Naasungdi L/A Primary
Gushiegu Pulo L/A Primary
Karaga Nangun D/A Primary
Karaga Nyingali D/A Primary
Shamsia E/A Primary
Tamaligu J.H.S
Tamaligu Zion Primary
Kakpeni D/a Primary
Wiae Cabob D/A Primary
Nanumba North Demonayili Primary
Upper East
Bawku Municipal Bengula
Bawku Municipal Pialoko
Bawku Municipal Winamzua
Bawku Municipal Wiidi/Tinsuuso
Bawku Municipal Zawse
Bawku Municipal Kogadin Primary
Bawku Municipal Kadi/Sakpari
Bawku West Kaare
Bawku West Zabzooga
Bawku West Bulinga
Bawku West Tilli
Bawku West Yelwoko
Bolgatanga Bolga Experimental Primary
Bolgatanga Asoongoom JHS
Bolgatanga Azalongo Pri. Sch.
Bolgatanga Afeghera Pri. Sch.
Bolgatanga Tindonmoligo
Bolgatanga Kantia
Bongo St Augustine’s Pri.
Bongo Boko-Azambuo
Bongo Namoo Abelzanga
Bongo Bongo Islamic
Builsa Chuchuliga
Builsa Akag-Yeri
Builsa Nyandema
Builsa Chansa
Builsa Balerinsa
Builsa Kpalinsa/Najugiuna
Garu-Tampane Karateisne Natinga pri. Sch
Garu-Tampane Wanwaago
Garu-Tampane Napaadi/Takore
Garu-Tampane Worikambo
Garu-Tampane Werochingo
Garu-Tampane Farfar
Garu-Tampane Abilateega
Garu Tampane Naate
Kassena-Nankana East Balobia Primary
Kassena-Nankana East Tono/Kologo Primary
Kassena-Nankana East Bonia
Kassena-Nankana West Nakolo Primary
Kassena-Nankana West Buzongo-Sirigu Primary
Kassena-Nankana West Kajelo
Kassena-Nankana West Dazongo
Kassena-Nankana West Nayagnia
Kassena-Nankana West Gwenia
Kassena-Nankana West Bonyono Primary
Talensi Nabdam Zalewore
Talensi Nabdam Zua Pri. Sch.
Talensi Nabdam Solig D/A Pri. Sch.
Bawku West Tanga-Ayadbatbot
Bolgatanga Municipal Yorogo Akakiya
Builsa Wiesi Primary
Garu-Tampane Akara Primary
Garu Tampane Sumaduri Primary
Talensi Nabdam Nangodi Pri. Sch.
Talensi Nabdam Tolae Pri. Sch.
Upper West
Jirapa Duori-Kankuri/ Tampoe
Jirapa Gbare Primary School
Jirapa Sombori
Jirapa St. Joseph Catholic Primary
Jirapa Tizza-Nimbari J.H.S
Jirapa Tuolung Primary
Jirapa Ul-Kpong/Ul-kuu Primary
Lambussie Karni Buli
Lambussie Karni Hamile T.I Ahmadiyya Primary
Lambussie Karni Kadilligor D/A Primary
Lambussie-Karni Kohuo
Lambussie-Karni Kokya J.H.S
Lambussie-Karni Suke Primary
Lambussie-Karni Zumara Primary School
Lawra Baseble / Birifo Primary
Lawra Baseble / Zambo Primary
Lawra Baseble Primary School
Lawra Domweni DA Primary School
Lawra Eremon Naburinye JHS
Lawra Eremon Naburinye K.G
Lawra Kalsagri D/A Primary School
Lawra Meto-Yirpala
Lawra Nabugang Primary School (Nando
Lawra Nanyaare Primary School
Lawra Puffin-Baagang
Lawra St. Cecilia Primary School; Nando
Lawra Zambo D/A Primary School
Nadowli Buoyiri Day Nursery
Nadowli Gbanko JHS
Nadowli Issa JHS
Nadowli Issa Primary School
Nadowli Kalsegra JHS
Nadowli Kalsegra Primary School
Nadowli Kanyiguasi R/C JHS,
Nadowli Moyiri R/C JHS
Nadowli Nadowli Model JHS
Nadowli Nyimbali
Nadowli Owlo Primary School
Nadowli Papu R/C JHS
Nadowli Pennitobo JHS
Nadowli Sankana
Nadowli Sombo
Nadowli Tabiesi
Nadowli Tangasia Primary School
Nadowli Toure Primary
Nadowli Toure/Kamahegu Primary
Sissala East Bandei Primary
Sissala East Basissan
Sissala East Bawiesebelle Primary
Sissala East Challu
Sissala East Dimanjan Primary
Sissala East Gbenebisi
Sissala East Kassana Primary
Sissala East Kong Primary
Sissala East Pieng Primary
Sissala West Buo Primary School
Sissala West Chettu Primary School
Sissala West Fielmua T.I. Ahmaddiyya Primary
Sissala West Gbal
Sissala West Gumo Primary
Sissala West Gumo/Sangbakah Primary
Sissala West (Wiiro Primary*)
Sissala West Nyivil Primary School
Sissala West Paana/Jitong Primary
Sissala West Paana/Nyantie Primary
Sissala West Tiwii Primary
Sissala West Tiwii/Sorbelle Primary
Wa East Chasia Primary School
Wa East Ducie
Wa East Dupare Primary School
Wa East Dupare Primary School
Wa East Goripie Primary School
Wa East Guonuo Primary School
Wa East Kulun Primary
Wa East Manwe
Wa East Yala No. 1 P
rimary School
Wa East Yala No.2 Primary School
Wa East Zinye
Wa Municipal Aswaj Primary
Wa Municipal Biihee Primary
Wa Municipal Boli Primary School
Wa Municipal Boli/Bamahu Primary School
Wa Municipal Community Development Institut
Wa Municipal Community Development Institut
Wa Municipal Gbegruu Primary School
Wa Municipal Guli Primary School
Wa Municipal Kpongu Primary School
Wa Municipal Methodist J.H.S
Wa Municipal Nakori Primary School
Wa Municipal Shakarfatu Primary School
Wa Municipal St. Cecilia Primary School
Wa Municipal Tampieni Primary School
Wa Municipal Wa Sch. for the Blind
Wa West Asse Primary
Wa West Boro R/C Primary School
Wa West Charile Primary
Wa West Dabuo Siira D/A Primary
Wa West Dodoma D/A Primary School
Wa West Jagluu D/A Primary
Wa West Kpamfaa Primary
Wa West Nyagli Primary
Wa West Tampouro Primary
Wa West Tawonchelle D/A Primary School
Volta Region
Adaklu Anyigbe Adaklu Ablonu Prim. /Akatsixoe
Adaklu Anyigbe Adaklu Anfoe E. P. Primary
Adaklu Anyigbe Agotime-Beh Methodist Primary
Adaklu Anyigbe Kortrala L/A Primary School
Adaklu Anyigbe Kpetoe E. P. JHS A & B Wudome
Adaklu Anyigbe Wudzeke L/A Primary School
Adaklu Anyigbe Adaklu Abuadi SA Primary
Adaklu Anyigbe Batume Junction
Akatsi Akatsi Coll. Of Educ. JHS
Akatsi Akatsi Coll. OF Educ. Prim
Akatsi Metsirikasa D. A. Primary
Akatsi Wlitey R. C. Primary
Biakoye Apesokubi E. P. Primary
Biakoye Nkonya Bumbula E. P. Primary
Biakoye Nkonya Ntsumuru E. P. Primary
Biakoye Nkonya Tepo L/A Primary
(Toklosu D/A Primary)
Biakoye Okrabe RC Primary
(Apesukubi RC Primary)
Biakoye Tapa Odum Akora Sreso Primary
Biakoye Tape Amekrom
Ho Municipal Abutia Wukpo
Ho Municipal Afife Kofe L/A Primary
Ho Municipal Akrofo Xeviwofe Basic School
Ho Municipal Akrofu EP JHS
Ho Municipal Amedzofe Demonstration JHS
Ho Municipal Avenya Basic School
Ho Municipal Awudome Dafor Primary
Ho Municipal Awudome Tsibu Primary
Ho Municipal Bakpe Primary / Avenui Camp
Ho Municipal Bame JHS
Ho Municipal Borkorvikofe MA
Ho Municipal Dededoe LA Primary
Ho Municipal Gbadzeme E. P. Primary
Ho Municipal Gbogame Basic School
Ho Municipal Ho Kpodzi Primary
Ho Municipal Klave R/C Primary
Ho Municipal Sokode Ando Primary
Ho Municipal Sokode Bagble LA Primary
Ho Municipal Tanyigbe Etoe Zion Primary
Ho Municipal Taviefedeme R/C Primary
Ho Municipal Tsawenu MA JHS
Ho Municipal Tsito MA
Ho Municipal Tsito Methodist Primary
Ho Municipal Ziavi Basic School
Hohoe Municipal Ando No. 1 IGP Primary School
Hohoe Municipal Gbledi Primary
Hohoe Municipal Have Alavanyo (Sgt Kope Primary)
Hohoe Municipal Hoem-Agbome Primary
Hohoe Municipal Hohoe Exp. Primary
Hohoe Municipal Kpeve Tornu D/A Primary
Hohoe Municipal Likpe-Mate R/C KG
Hohoe Municipal Likpe-Mate R/C Primary
Hohoe Municipal Santrokofi Bume Primary (Alavanyo Abehene Ase M/A Primary)
Jasikan Akaa-Tankey D/A Primary
Jasikan New Ayoma RC Primary
Kadjebi Ahamansu R/C Primary
Kadjebi Kadjebi R/C Primary
Keta municipal Agorvinu Basic School
Keta Municipal Anesco Basic School
Keta Municipal Atihepe Antech Basic School
Keta Municipal Atorkor Basic School
Keta Municipal Bleamazado E. P. Basic School
Keta Municipal Dzita-Agbldomi L/A Primary
Keta Municipal Kedzi D/A School
Keta Municipal Woe Rhema LA Primary School
Ketu North Agorvie L/A Primary
Ketu North Ewu-Lugui R/C Primary
Ketu North Kasu D/A Primary
Ketu North Dzodze Ablorme E. P. Primary
Ketu North Klenormaadi Primary School
Ketu North Torkpo Zomayi Primary
Ketu North Agorvega/Atsikpe Primary
Ketu South Aflao Basic School
Ketu South Aflao Border Basic
Ketu South Agblekpui AME Zion Primary
Ketu South Agbodzakope Primary
Ketu South Kpogedi D/A Primary
Ketu South Aveyigbome Primary School
Kpando Aveme Beme R. C. Primary
Kpando Aveti Denini Primary
Kpando Tsrukpe Zanukope D. A
Kpando Wusuta E. P. Primary
Krachi West Chinderi Pentecost Primary
Nkwanta South Agoufe Primary
North Tongu Adidome global Primary School
North Tongu Mafi Kpogadzi Primary
South Dayi Peki Demonstration School
South Dayi Wegbe-Kpalime E. P. Primary
South Tongu Anyidzekpo Primary School
South Tongu Avuto D/A Primary School
South Tongu Dabala E. P. Primary
South Tongu Dzogborve R. C Primary
South Tongu Hlorlorto DA Primary School
Western Region
Ahanta West
Bishop Sam RC Primary
Ahanta West
Princess Akatakyi RC Primary
Aowin Suaman
Kwasu D/A Primary
Aowin Suaman Sui- Aboi (chairmankrom) D/A
Kofie Ponkor Primary
Kojina D/A Primary
New Bakanta Primary
Ekpu R/C Primary
Afere E/A Primary

Ahwiafutu D/C Primary

Nzema East
Brawire Akyinim JHS

Nzema East
Gwira Bibiani Primary

Prestea Huni Valley
Esaase D/A Primary

Prestea Huni Valley
Pepease D/A Primary

Sefwi Akontonbra
Edenwuakrom Primary

Sefwi Akontonbra
Kordjourkrom Primary

Sefwi Akontonbra
Nsawora Primary

Sefwi Wiawso
Adiembra D/A Primary

Sefwi Wiawso
Nyamennae D/A Primary

Sefwi Wiawso
Old Adiembra D/A Primary

Sekondi Takoradi Metro
Essawa M/A K.G. Primary

Sekondi Takoradi Metro
Nana Baidoo Bonsu JHS

Abotaryie D/A Primary

Abuesi JHS A/B

Tarkwa Nsuaem Mun
Nsuaem Primary ‘C’

Tarkwa Nsuaem Mun
Simpa Primary

Wassa Amenfi East
Presiso Primary

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