I can’t settle with a man who cannot financially provide for me – Lady says, ends marriage with husband 30 days after losing his job (Video)

According to a woman going by the name of Shanlavell James, her husband’s job loss caused her to leave their marriage 30 days later.

She claims that she does not want to live with someone who is not financially ready for them and their future family.

She added that she wouldn’t agree to take full responsibility for the money.

“A man who can’t provide can’t lead! How can I trust a man to be head of household when he couldn’t provide for the house. As a man there should never be a time that you can’t financially take care of your woman and kids. I’m standing firm on my decision because the least my husband could have done was agreed to paying me back. If he refused to pay me back after 1 month of paying bills then if I had to pay bills for 6 months before he got a job I wouldn’t have gotten my money back. I got out of my marriage before I ended up having to take care of a man. I know my worth!” she wrote: ”


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