‘Owners of the country have demolished his building’ – Ken Agyapong speaks on NPP financier’s demolished estate

Kennedy Agyapong, Member of Parliament for Assin Central, has commended his friend, George Oti Bonsu, for his resilience following the demolition of his Adjiringanor estate complex by the family of the Second Lady, Samira Bawumia.

Speaking at the 65th birthday celebration of Oti Bonsu, Agyapong praised his friend’s courage and composure throughout the ordeal.

He remarked that if he had been in Oti Bonsu’s situation, he would have likely succumbed to the associated stress and sought medical attention.

“If you want to find brave men in Ghana, it’s not me, Kennedy Agyapong. If my building had been demolished, I would have been in Korle Bu Hospital by now.

“But the last time, he (Oti Bonsu) was asking me about the preparations for Kwabena Kwakye’s funeral, and he offered GH₵70,000 to support it.

“He is a strong man. Comparing what he is doing with what happened to him last month, this is what we call bravery, not those of us who just sit on the radio and talk.

“If it were my 10 buildings that had been demolished, truthfully, I would still be in Korle Bu,” he said.

Oti Bonsu’s journey to resilience is marked by his past struggles, as detailed by Agyapong, who stated, “He has suffered before; he used to sell furniture from cars and went to Holland to make a living.

“He didn’t know anyone there and, unfortunately, couldn’t find a place to sleep, so he went to a shelter.

“And when he came back, he was building a home for himself, but the ‘owners of the country’ had it demolished,” he added.

It may be recalled that George Oti Bonsu, a financier of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), disclosed the demolition of his property in Adjiriganor, a suburb of Accra, due to a land dispute involving the family of Samira Bawumia.

Speaking at a press conference from the demolition site in the first week of April, Bonsu expressed his dismay at how his investment had been destroyed without just cause and contrary to court orders.

He attributed the issue to the fact that those he was in court with had close ties to the corridors of power.

He mentioned having approached the Ramadan family, who are contesting the land’s ownership with him, adding that, regrettably, his efforts were ignored.

“This could happen to anyone, and National Security has yet to hold the demolishing party accountable. I took every necessary step, but what power can do has played out,” he lamented.

Oti Bonsu maintained that he had legitimately purchased the land from the three families who are the legal custodians of that particular land.

He challenged the opposing party to produce similar evidence of ownership.

The demolition was reported in a social media post by Ken Agyapong’s son, who shared a video with the caption: “When power goes to people’s heads. The system is not working.”

He tagged the president and vice president in the April 7, 2024, post.

GhanaWeb also has court documents related to the dispute between the two parties.

Source: Ghanaweb

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