Presidential Aspirant Takes On EC

An independent presidential aspirant, Jacob Osei Yeboah has launched a scathing attack on the Electoral Commission (EC), saying the EC has failed to apply common sense in its attempt to create additional 45 constituencies across the country ahead of the December 7 polls.
According to him, the EC’s decision to create the new 45 constituencies could create chaos in Ghana before, during and after the general elections.
He therefore cautioned the EC to apply common sense in order not to create mayhem, as the nation draws closer to the general elections.
In a release copied to DAILY GUIDE, Mr. Osei Yeboah noted that the difficulties in passing the Bill and apprehension by well-meaning citizens of Ghana formed part of nature’s way of warning the EC in particular to rescind its decision.
He said, ‘What on earth is pushing the EC and Majority in Parliament to create these new 45 constituencies.’
He said though the EC has the mandate to create the new constituencies and could ignore any sound reasoning, it should however consider the fact that the application of the law or constitutional right does not and should not preclude the application of common sense.
Mr. Yeboah said the application of ‘commonsense’ allows the law courts to sometimes tamper justice with mercy to allow society to co-exist in order to protect lives and property.
The EC, he noted, should understand that the law is made for Ghanaians but Ghanaians are not made for the law.
Mr. Jacob Yeboah said, ‘More especially, it is sickening for the EC to state in ecstatic frenzies that its duty is to ensure that the ballot boxes are sent with voting materials and cares nothing about what happens thereafter,’ he added.
‘So whose duty it is to supervise elections in Ghana and demand serenity of elections and safety of citizens who want to exercise their civil duties.’
The independent presidential candidate said the decision of the EC to create 45 new constituencies showed the deficiences of the 1992 constitution which needs to be redressed, but condemned any form of threat on the lives of EC officials.
Mr. Jacob Yeboah said Ghana has tested the ‘alcoholic’ governance of the political parties- NDC and NPP and almost all institutions, groups and individuals seem to be drunk.’
Ghana will test the alternative ‘water’ governance through the Independent Presidential System on December 7.
By Cephas Larbi

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