NDC's Sly Jumps Out

THE MOST popular NDC serial caller in Kumasi, Sly Moshie Zongo, who is noted for taking NPP top guns to the cleaners on radio at the least opportunity, has shockingly changed the direction of his ‘poisonous’ outbursts to his own party members.
He said hunger was the only thing he had experienced since the NDC government took over political power almost four years ago, predicting a landslide victory for Nana Akufo-Addo of the NPP in the coming general elections.
Sly said having assessed the NPP and NDC administrations, he had realized that the NPP had answers to the numerous problems that the non-performing NDC government had brought onto the country.
He warned the NDC members, especially the young ministers, to sit up.
Sly, who had difficulty pronouncing the word ‘greedy’, said, ‘The ‘gindin’ bastards in the NDC, Okudzeto Ablakwa and Aseidu Nketia, should be careful’, alleging that the NDC ministers were amassing wealth at the expense of the people that voted them into power.
He said despite his hard work for the NDC, especially when the party was in opposition, the party turned its back on him since it assumed political power, disclosing that his situation was pathetic.
Sly said during the tenure of the NPP administration, he was able to feed himself and his numerous children without problems, but the situation was not the same since the NDC came to power
He stated that what worried him most was the fact the NDC top guns in the city usually sent him away whenever he approached them for support to look after his family.
‘All the top men in the NDC, both Kumasi and Accra, send me away whenever I approach them,’ he disclosed, slamming the ruling party of being made up of ungrateful people.
According to him, he was now struggling to feed himself, his children and wife, and accused the NDC government of being the cause of his woes, saying, ‘The NDC lied to me.’
Sly said the NDC had failed to implement a single programme to better the lives of the masses, asking, ‘My brother, can you tell me a single programme that the NDC has introduced since assuming power?’
He observed that the NPP introduced NHIS, School Feeding programme among other social intervention policies which impacted positively on his life, but the situation was not the same now.
Sly said the NPP’s NHIS took care of the hospital bills of his children and wife, whilst the School Feeding programme provided food for his children, saving him from some difficulties in the process.
He said he was angry at the NDC government because apart from the fact that it had not introduced a single social intervention programme, it had also collapsed the programmes introduced by the NPP administration.
Sly stated that he would vote for Nana Akufo Addo in the December polls because the NPP flagbearer was competent and capable of restoring hope to the ordinary Ghanaian.
He added that he would vote for the NPP because he believed it could revive the NHIS and school feeding programmes which were on the brink of collapse due to the NDC’s inefficiency.
Sly said that Nana Akufo Addo was far better than President John Mahama in terms of competence, urging the electorate to rally behind the NPP leader for Ghana to develop.
The popular NDC man who claimed he was through with the NDC said he wanted to speak live on Peace FM with Kwame Sefa Kayi for everybody to know how wicked the NDC had been to him.
FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi

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