Galamsey Operators To Build Kotokuraba Market – Says NPP

A member of the Communication team of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Cape Coast Constituency, Gafaro Seidu has alleged that the contentious Cape Coast Kotokuraba Market would be built by Chinese ‘galamsey’ operators.
According to him, the Chinese were among ‘galamsey’ operators who were arrested for engaging in illegal mining activities in the country.
He claimed the Chinese government lobbied the Ghana Government to build the Kotokuraba Market in order to pardon the operators who were engaged in illegal activities.
Mr Seidu challenged President Mahama to come out with the true identity of the company and the Chinese who were introduced to the people of Cape Coast during the Fetu Afahye celebration last Saturday.
He disclosed this at a press conference on Friday to register their displeasure at the diabolic tactics adopted by the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) government to deceive the people of Cape Coast.
Addressing the press, Mr. Seidu observed that Cape Coasters would not vote for the corrupt NDC government and its Members of Parliament (MP) such as Ebow Barton Odro, MP for Cape Coast to continue the deceit.
According to him, the NDC administration had failed to fulfill its promises, as the late President John Evans Atta Mills pledged to build the Kotokuraba Market and Cape Coast Stadium during the 2011 Action Year.
He therefore charged President Mahama to produce documents and cost involved in the construction of the two projects.
‘The constitution did not say President Mahama should travel for ‘Thank You’ tour but to administer the nation. This tour should have been done by his Vice President and not him.’
‘He should have been accompanied by a member from the opposition, wife of the late president and some family members on the tour to other nations but what are we seeing? This is a total waste of our resources,’ he stated.
He called on leaders of the Christian Council to encourage the Electoral Commission (EC) not to create the additional 45 constituencies since the move would create mayhem.
On his part, the spokesperson for concerned party activists, a pressure group of the NPP in Cape Coast, Papa Damtse Amoah said they had given the MP of the area a two-week ultimatum to abandon the Cape Coast parliamentary election due to his alleged involvement in the Woyomegate scandal.
He noted that lawyer Oduro is the worse MP the area has ever had since 1992, adding that he had brought shame and poverty to the area.
He added that the former MP for the area, Christine Churcher championed the development of the area and supported small-scale businesses through government interventions.
Once you mention the MP’s name, people reply back with judgment debt, he claimed.
From: Sarah Owusu-Darlington & Desmond K. Dapaah, Cape Coast

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