“Egg-cellent Initiative: Madam Comfort Kyerewaa Acheampong Joins Call for Dedicated Ghana Poultry Day”

In a bid to promote the poultry sector and increase investments,

Madam Comfort Kyerewaa Acheampong, Coordinator of the Ghana National Egg Campaign Secretariat, appealed to the government to accept and dedicate July 1st as Ghana’s Poultry Day. She pointed out that every second Friday in October is already dedicated to World Egg Day, and a national poultry day would further boost the sector’s growth.

The poultry sector plays a significant role in Ghana’s economy, providing employment opportunities and contributing to food security. However, it faces challenges such as limited access to markets, high production costs, and inadequate infrastructure. A dedicated national poultry day would help raise awareness about the sector’s importance and promote investments in the industry.

Joining the call for a dedicated Ghana Poultry Day, Madam Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, has called for a dedicated day to celebrate Ghana’s Poultry Day on July 1st. Speaking at the press launch and mini poultry stakeholders’ engagement at the Accra Tourist Centre, Madam Akosa emphasized the importance of recognizing the poultry sector as a key pathway to promote the industry.

Madam Akosa highlighted the numerous benefits of designating a national poultry day, including increased investments and career opportunities. She encouraged all stakeholders, including students and media personnel, to participate in the chefs’ competition on July 1st to help promote the poultry sector.

The call for a Ghana Poultry Day has garnered support from stakeholders in the industry, who believe it would help address the challenges facing the sector. The proposed chefs’ competition on July 1st is expected to bring together stakeholders, students, and media personnel to promote the poultry sector and encourage innovation in the industry.

In conclusion, the call for a dedicated Ghana Poultry Day is an “egg-cellent initiative” that has the potential to transform the poultry sector. With the support of stakeholders and the government, Ghana can promote its poultry sector, increase investments, and create career opportunities for its citizens.

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