Man discovers his wife is a Man 12 days after their wedding

An Indonesian man, identified as AK, is devastated after discovering that his bride, whom he married 12 days ago, is actually a man.

AK met his spouse, who presented as Adinda Kanza, on Instagram in 2023, and after a year of dating, decided to marry Adinda. During their meetings, Adinda wore a niqab to cover his face.

After their wedding, AK became suspicious when Adinda repeatedly denied him intimacy, citing menstrual periods and illness as reasons.

Furthermore, Adinda avoided interactions with AK’s family while still wearing the niqab.

AK’s suspicions led him to track Adinda to a previous address, where he learned from Adinda’s family that Adinda was actually a man named ESH, who had been cross-dressing since 2020.

Adinda (ESH) has been arrested by the police. Authorities noted that in the wedding photos, Adinda looked convincingly like a woman, with a gentle voice and demeanor that raised no suspicions about his true identity.

The Police said: “If you look at their wedding photos, Adinda looks exactly like a real woman. 

“He also has a gentle voice and tone, so there was no suspicion at all about him being a woman.”

Source: ElizatabethOlu

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