Dec. Polls : Medimafo Herbal Clinic CEO Urges Ghanaians To Prioritize Peace

Dr. Adu Gyamfi, the Chief Executive Officer of Medimafo Herbal Clinic, has called on the entire populace to embrace peace as Ghana prepares for the upcoming December polls.  

In an interview with Kessben Media, Dr. Adu Gyamfi, who is affectionately called Dr. Time Daso, emphasized the crucial need for tranquility in the nation.  

He underscored the irreplaceable value of Ghana as our sole homeland. “In our journeys to other places, if we still cannot feel the essence of our homeland, then we must recognize the importance of cherishing our dear Ghana and maintaining peace,” Dr. Gyamfi stated.  

He urged fellow Ghanaians to exercise their voting rights peacefully, emphasizing the significance of embracing the eventual outcome of the elections in a spirit of unity.  

Also Dr. Gyamfi also shared Medimafo Herbal Clinic’s commitment to public health. On September 21, the hospital will generously distribute basic medical services to patients, as well as various  gifts, including free TV and a  new car.  

“When you receive treatment at our clinic, you will not only receive medical assistance, but also an important gift that will make your visit  worthwhile,” said Dr. Gyamfi said.  

*Eid al-Fitr for Muslims*  

Meanwhile, Dr. Time Daso praised Muslims for their dedication during the fasting period before Eid al-Fitr. In his prayer, Dr. Dassault wishes God’s blessings on Muslims.  

Doctor Time Daso said, “Allah symbolizes peace. Charity and charity  are an important part of Muslim culture. Their generosity knows no bounds, as can be seen from their charity during prayer time.”  

Dr Time Daso praised the support given to the Muslim community and appreciated the warm welcome they received at Medimafo Herbal Center with the utmost respect and hospitality.   He talked about the unique importance of sacrifice and the countless blessings that come from helping the less fortunate in society.

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