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Holiday does not determine the day of Eid, Eid greetings to all Muslims – Kekeli Muslim Community

The Kekeli Muslim Community, an Islamic Non Government Organisation which preaches Islam and undertakes humanitarian activities, extends warm Eidul Fitr greetings to all Muslims.

During Ramadan, our hearts turn toward Allah (Almighty God), seeking forgiveness, compassion, and guidance. We commend all Muslims for their devotion, self-discipline, and acts of charity. May our prayers and fasting strengthen our faith and deepen our connection with the Almighty God.

Ramadan teaches us self-control and mindfulness. As we celebrate the festival, let us remember the health benefits of moderation. However, Ghana faces health challenges beyond fasting.
Many Ghanaians lack adequate healthcare. We urge the government to continue to invest in healthcare infrastructure, improve services, and enhance preventive measures.

We also use this opportunity to alert the Muslim leadership which coordinates with governments in setting the holiday date for our Islamic festivals to reconsider the current practice of using the Eid Holiday to determine the Eid prayers.
Presently, the timing of Eidul Fitr prayers in Ghana in particular is linked to the holiday itself, leading to confusion among many Muslims.
Divergent prayer dates emerge, causing some to observe Eid on different days, rather than on the prescribed 1st day of Shawwal.
We propose adopting the Islamic lunar calendar for determining Eidul Fitr prayers as prescribed by the messenger Muhammad peace be upon him, independently of the public holiday. This will enable employees, students etc to plan and schedule their leave, or other alternative arrangements to undertake this brief and important exercise and would return to their work places or schools as we experience with our weekly Friday prayers.

By doing so, we can foster greater clarity, unity, and alignment within the Muslim community during this significant occasion.
May our collective efforts contribute to a harmonious and spiritually enriching Eidul Fitr celebration.
As Muslims, we value unity and respect for all faiths. Ghana’s progress depends on respecting each other’s faith and belief.
Intra and Inter-faith Dialogue: Let us foster understanding and cooperation among religious communities.
Tolerance and Inclusion: We should combat discrimination, promote diversity, and celebrate our shared humanity values.
We commend the Ghanaian government for several positive steps toward inter-religious harmony.
National Peace Council (NPC): The NPC, has played a pivotal role in conflict prevention and resolution. By bringing together key actors from various religious faiths, traditional authorities, civil society organizations, and state institutions, the NPC has brokered peace and contributed to Ghana’s sustained economic development.
We hereby appreciate Ghana’s constitution which guarantees religious freedom for all. Article 21(1)© recognizes and protects the right of every citizen to practice their chosen religion freely.
We implore the Ghanaian government to continue these efforts and address the following challenges.
Together, let us build a Ghana where every citizen thrives, regardless of faith or background. May Allah guide our leaders toward just solutions, and may our collective efforts lead to a prosperous and harmonious nation.

Sheikh Ahmed Zormelo
Director in Charge of Da’wah,

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