Kwaku Manu should stop bragging, Lilwin came into Kumawood before him — Jackson K Bentum (Video)

Somewhere in the year 2021 in the studios of Accra-based Kingdom FM, Comic actor with Kumawood Films, Kwaku Manu, boldly claimed that he was the one who discovered his colleague actor Lilwin and brought him into the limelight.

Kwaku Manu said he met Lilwin many years ago and because he liked him instantly, he decided to help him achieve his dream of becoming a movie star.

He revealed that he is very disappointed in Lilwin for hiding this truth from the public all these years.

But in a new twist, celebrated producer and director of Kumawood Films fame, Jackson K. Bentum has refuted the claims of Kwaku Manu as the one who discovered Lilwin.

According to Jackson K. Bentum in an interview with Ruthy on SeanCity TV, Kwaku Manu should stop bragging, simply because Lilwin came into Kumawood before him.

Therefore, he can’t understand why Kwaku Manu should keep spreading falsehood that he discovered colleague actor Lilwin.


Source: SeanCity.Net

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