Apart from Sarkodie, I have numbers than any rapper in Ghana & Even M.I in Nigeria, Kweku Smoke & Rap Fada Should shut up – Strongman (Video)

Strongman has reacted to the debate of numbers game and has reiterated that apart from Sarkodie there is no rapper in Ghana who has more numbers than him in terms of online streams.

The fire-spitting rapper speaking on Kessben TV’s Music Plus with Mr Bonez set the record straight that in terms of the rap game in Ghana, he commands huge numbers but he just doesn’t like to brag about such because he has grown past that.

He said it is absolutely ridiculous for rappers like Kweku Smoke and Rap Fad to try and shade him, especially over numbers.

Strongman stressed that they might be doing such just to attract attention to gain relevance.

“Every rapper here, if you take out Sarkodie I have more numbers than anyone. You can crosscheck. See even M.I in Nigeria I have numbers than him, You can crosscheck this on YouTube to know if I’m lying. We just don’t brag about such.

For them (Kweku Smoke, Rap Fada) I don’t know if it is disrespect or what. But I think it may be hate. We just don’t brag, I have grown past such” He said.


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