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Ghana’s Independence: 67 Years Of What?

Happy birthday to Ghana, 67 years young,

But what exactly have we become?

As we celebrate this milestone today,

Let’s ponder the path we’ve paved along the way.

67 years of highs and lows,

But what’s the true essence that it shows?

Is it 67 years of unemployment’s grip,

Or the constant corruption that makes hearts skip?

67 years of hospitals in dire need,

Where medical care falls short indeed.

Bad governance upon bad governance,

Leaves us questioning our very existence.

67 years of education’s plight,

With students still studying in dim light.

Under trees, on floors, they strive to learn,

Yet our educational system fails to discern.

67 years of roads fraught with danger,

Taking lives, crushing dreams in anger.

Politricks replacing true politics,

And democracy morphs into Democrazy’s tricks.

67 years of dead talents and dreams,

Silent screams in our youth’s streams.

Still, we bow to our old masters’ might,

Bootlicking instead of standing for what’s right.

67 years of accountability’s absence,

Elected officials shrouded in opaqueness.

What exactly, then, do we celebrate?

When progress seems like an elusive fate.

Is it 67 years of moving forward a step,

Only to regress in a downward ebb?

What, indeed, are we celebrating today?

In this land where hope seems to fray.

Legal education, is a privilege for a few, while justice belongs to the rich, it’s true. For 67 years, it has still been easier for the elephant to enter into the eye of a needle, than for a law student, to enter into the Ghana School of Law. It becomes a battle for the seizure. We still wonder if justice will ever be served for the murder of the three Supreme Court Justices.

Will the murderers of Ahmed Suale, JB Danquah, and more, Face the law’s grasp as justice we implore? When will justice be for all, we wonder aloud, And equality before the law, truly endowed? As we commemorate this milestone in our land, Let’s strive for justice, hand in hand.

Let’s pray for a better tomorrow, we plead,

For a future where Ghana’s light will lead.

May the next 67 years bring forth change,

And a brighter future we can arrange.

So, as we commemorate this milestone in time,

Let’s reflect on the challenges, let’s climb.

And may our hopes for a better Ghana soar,

As we ask: 67 years of what, and what’s in store?


About The Author:

Nana Akua Pinamang is a graduate of Kings University College in Accra with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB).

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