“Ayɛ Kɛseɛ” School mum & school son get cozy in a lift, argue over looking good together (Video)

The question of whether or not they genuinely look nice as partners brought up a discussion between a school mother and her son in a lift.

A student may have a school mother or daughter who serves as a mentor for the newly admitted students, as is well known, particularly in Africa.

However, it appears that there are situations that transcend well beyond a mother and her child at school; one such instance is the argument that occurred between a supposed school mother and her school son concerning their looks.

The school son remarked to his mother, who was shocked, that they looked good together, as they were shown cuddling on a video.

The school mother abruptly told him that he was too little to look nice with her, even though she knew he was very close to proposing to her.

They argued for a while since the mother doesn’t think they work well together and the schoolboy does.


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