Collapse of Kumawood was never the emergence of CDs, they sidelined me – Agya Koo

The collapse of the Kumawood film industry, according to renowned Ghanaian actor Agya Koo, should be attributed to his refusal of parts at the time.

Speaking on Kumasi-based radio station Ezra FM, the seasoned actor asserted that his omission at the time had a detrimental effect on the industry, especially since he is still the most marketable actor in Ghana.

Agya Koo reminisced about the once-vibrant Kumawood business, pointing out that the Ghanaian diaspora, particularly in the USA, associated his name with Ghanaian movie.

He emphasized that when people inquired about Ghanaian films, they would almost always ask, “Is Agya Koo in the cast?” Until he was sidelined, he claimed that this demonstrated his unparalleled marketability and influence at the time.

“They sidelined me, and now they blame the emergence of CDs for the collapse of the industry, which is not true. But they will not accept this fact,”

“Though I was not the only one acting at the time, anytime people wanted to watch Ghanaian movies, they mentioned the name Agya Koo. Why didn’t they ask for someone else’s name?” 

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