I don’t sense the same strong commitment, factionalism is dividing & killing commitment in the NPP – President Kufour

John Agyekum Kufour, a former president, has bemoaned the present squabbling inside the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The former party head claims that factionalism is causing a decline in member commitment.

The former president highlighted that as the NPP moves forward, it must carefully evaluate its operations. He emphasized the value of a strong sense of dedication within the party, comparing it to a kind of devotion akin to a religious belief.

Speaking on TV3, Mr. Kufuor stressed the value of practicing real democracy and emphasized inclusivity over factionalism while noting that the sense of dedication he once felt within the party appears to have diminished.

Mr. Kufuor made the point that highlighting factions within the party, whether at the local or national level, causes conflict and makes cooperation difficult.

“The way I feel it, I don’t sense the same strong commitment. I have likened commitment to almost a religion. I don’t sense that now. We are talking proper democracy, an inclusive one, you wouldn’t emphasise factions.”

“Once the practice of selecting constituency or [a] national, you wouldn’t be so divisive and emphasising faction. He belongs to that side so no cooperation. You do that you are dividing the force,” he said.

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