Public Services Workers Union of GTUC – EPA petition Chief of Staff to prevent unjust eviction of EPA Director

The Public Services Workers Union of GTUC – EPA have raised concerns over the impending eviction of the Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from his official residence.

A letter addressed to the Chief of Staff at the Office of the President, and signed by the EPA Division of PSWU – TUC, highlighted the urgency of the matter and seeks intervention to prevent what they deem as an unjust and unfair action by the Ministry of Works and Housing.

The EPA has occupied the said bungalow for the past 50 years, utilizing it as an integral part of its operations and infrastructure. Throughout this tenure, the residence has not only symbolized the Agency’s dedication to environmental protection but has also facilitated daily functions, including meetings, official engagements, and accommodation for visiting dignitaries.


The Union emphasised the financial challenges faced by the EPA and argued that the sudden loss of its official residence would severely impact its ability to fulfill its mandate effectively. The Union claimed that it will potentially compromisr ongoing environmental protection efforts and endanger public health and safety.

Of particular concern is the historical allocation of official residences to Ministers, including the Minister for the Interior, similar to the arrangement enjoyed by the EPA. The decision to reallocate the property to the current Minister raises questions of fairness and equity, especially considering the long-standing occupancy of the EPA in the residence.

The petition said the impending eviction, if not swiftly resolved, is anticipated to exert undue pressure on EPA management.

Per the petition, the Union indicated that it will incapacitate the Agency to adequately address the needs of its workforce, fulfill salary obligations, implement collective agreements, and finance essential environmental protection initiatives.

The Union warned that such disruptions would undermine employee morale, compromise talent retention, and exacerbate operational challenges.

The Union condemned the treatment as undermining the EPA’s occupancy rights and reflecting a broader pattern of unfairness and injustice.

They stressed the need for prompt and decisive action to prevent agitation among EPA staff, restore confidence, preserve stability, and uphold the integrity of the Agency.

The Union humbly requested the immediate intervention of the Chief of Staff to prevent the forceful eviction of the Executive Director from his official residence. It urged a response to uphold principles of fairness and justice while safeguarding the EPA’s critical environmental protection mandate.


Meanwhile, the Ministry of Works and Housing has notified the Minister of Interior, Henry Quartey, that Bungalow No. C 23, located in Roman Ridge, Accra, has been officially allocated to him as a residence effective from the 15th of April 2024.

A statement signed and released by the sector Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, said the Public Works Department had been duly instructed to conduct a thorough inventory of all movable items within the premises prior to the handover. It added that any subsequent additions to the property will be duly documented for record-keeping purposes.

“This notification serves as a formal directive to the Engineer-In-Chief of the Public Works Department to take note of this allocation and update their records accordingly,” the statement indicated.

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