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Hairdresser Shaves Off Customer’s Hair After Failed Payment (Video)

In a hair-raising incident that has sent shockwaves through social media, a hairdresser shaved off a customer’s hair after she failed to pay for her hair plaiting services. Social media was set ablaze with shock and disbelief when the video surfaced, capturing the startling moment the hairdresser took drastic action against a customer who failed to pay for her hairstyle.

The video which has since gone viral, has ignited a heated debate on appropriate consequences for non-payment of services.

Desperate Measures: Hairdresser Takes Matters into Her Own Hands

The video, which emerged on Twitter, captured the moment when a young woman, with her hair intricately plaited, found herself at the center of an unfortunate turn of events. With tensions rising, the hairdresser took drastic action and cut off the young woman’s newly plaited cornrows and shaved off her hair with a razor after she revealed that she did not have money to pay for the hair plaiting services rendered.

Commendation and Criticism Emerge

Social media users quickly divided into two camps regarding the hairdresser’s actions. Some applauded her for standing up against non-payment, asserting that customers should never seek services they cannot pay for. They saw the incident as a “good lesson” for others, emphasizing the importance of honoring financial commitments.


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