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Divorced Women Association throw welcome party for new member (Video)

A group of divorcees has thrown a large party to welcome their newest member in Nigeria.

A new member of the organization had just joined after getting a divorce from her spouse in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The new member was seen carrying her welcome cake, which had multiple candles on it, in a video that appeared online.

Older members could be seen grinning broadly and swaying to the music playing in the background, showing how ecstatic they were to welcome a new member to the group.

A Tweep, Abdullah Ayofele, who shared the clip, captioned: “Wahala Wahala Wahala. Group of Divorced Women celebrating the initiation of new members in what they called ‘End Of An Error’ and living a free life in Port Harcourt.

“Slogan of the Association. ‘I do, I did, and I’m done’…… lolz.”


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