Global Chamber of Business Leaders Enters Into Strategic Partnership with IEFS

The Global Chamber of Business Leaders (GCBL) has as part of efforts to open up the world to trade and economic partnerships, entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with one of the leading learning institutions in Vietnam, the Institute for Economic and Financial Studies (IEFS).

Both IEFS and the Global Chamber of Business Leaders have through their strategic partnership established the “CEO Club – GCBL”.

Under the partnership, IEFS will serve as the representative unit of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders in Vietnam.

Also as part of its mandate under the cooperation, IEFS will run the GCBL CEO Club as the focal point to gather CEOs, Entrepreneurs of successful businesses and startups in Vietnam. IEFS will also work on encouraging business owners or entrepreneurs in the Asian nation to join GCBL as members.

*Benefits of becoming a member of the CEO Club*

Members of the CEO Club, will among other things, have access to GCBL’s resource database to promote trade and investment opportunities between Vietnamese GCBL members and worldwide GCBL members.

Commenting on the partnership, Chairman of IEFS, Prof. Ho Quoc Nam, explained that enterprises that are members of GCBL Vietnam CEO Club could participate in summits and trade conferences to be organized by GCBL to connect GCBL members from different countries to their Vietnamese counterparts.

In addition to the numerous business opportunities, IEFS is expected to further cooperate with GCBL to provide global GCBL members with short-term corporate training and coaching programs as well as Bachelor and Master and PhD programs to receive internationally-recognized French, UK and USA Degrees.

Such educational programs are to be conducted online through specific learning software of Education Partners of IEFS or at training workshops to be organized by affiliated universities of IEFS. Additionally, IEFS is to build an online coaching and learning platform for global GCBL members.

On his part, the Chairman of GCBL, Dejan Stancer, said the cooperation between GCBL and IEFS was timely, saying such partnerships are needed to help promote global trade and link business owners from around the world to one another.

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