Friending has cost me a lot in life – Starr Gee advises the youth to be cautious of friends (Video)

The originator of WKHKYD, Starr Gee has cautioned Ghanaian youth to extra careful with the friends they make.

Starr Gee speaking on Kessben TV’s Around Town Show with Koo Fante revealed that too many friends ruined his life which he described as some of his greatest mistakes.

Giving the opportunity to advise Ghanaian youth, Kwaku Tawiah aka Starr Gee was quick to point out that the youth should limit befriending and be extra careful with friends as they have the potential to lead to so many vices.

According to him, his mother had very good plans for him but due to what friends led him to all those plans could not be materialized.

“For mistakes, I have done a lot. Too many friendships should be cut off. I was misled because of friends.

I’m the last born of my parents so I took a lot of things for granted, very easy and simple.

When mum tells me something I would not listen and something happened that eventually opened my eyes. Let’s go here, let’s go there was too much.

A friend did something that he did not inform me about so the police were searching for him and when the police got him, they arrested me along. Mum came there and asked me so what did you go there to do? since that day, I learned the advice she gave me was perfect” He said.


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