Aduana vs Kotoko: In football refereeing, there’s nothing like soft, it was a clear penalty – Ref Kalla

Retired referee Owusu Mensah Kalla has backed Ref Ibrahim Adams’ penalty decision in the MTN FA Cup match between Aduana FC and Kotoko.

Many Kotoko fans believe that the referee’s ruling was incorrect, which resulted in their elimination from the MTN FA Cup.

The retired referee analyzing the game on Kessben TV underscored that as far as there a contact with the Aduana playmaker by Mo Alhassan, the penalty decision was 100% right.

Several have claimed that, while there was contact, it was too soft to be a foul.

However according to the retired referee, per the laws of the game, there’s nothing like soft contact. He stipulated if the holder of the ball is obstructed by the opponent player with any margin of contact, the laws are clear on that to be a foul.


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