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Bodwisango: Female student goes mad after a teacher who allegedly wanted to chop her gave her a chain (Video)

A female student in Bodwinsango is currently recovering from instability in the mind after her male school teacher gifted her a chain.

According to the student, when she took the chain home she started to feel very weird in the night until her Aunty threw the chain away before she was able to sleep.

Narrating what happened on Kessben TV’s Breaking News, the student said while she was about to depart from school that day, the teacher took her to his car and handed her the chain.

She said that the teacher told her that she will be his small wife and then whispered something on the chain before he handed it to her.

After she got home with the chain, she could not sleep that night and told her Aunty about what was given to her.

The chain was eventually thrown out from the room she was sleeping in before she could pass the night.

She woke up the following morning and started to act more weird. Her condition began to get normal since after she was taken to a native doctor for medication.

The name of the teacher has since been withheld for a full-fledged investigation into the matter to be concluded.


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