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Assin South: Kwame Attah ‘Showboy’ sleeps with his three daughters (Video)

An elderly man known as Kwame Attah in the Assin South district has been made to perform rituals after he slept with his 3 female daughters.

A young man in the Akyensan a small community in Assin South apparently learned of the development. He reported Kwame Attah to the traditional council but Kwame Atta denied ever sleeping with his children.

After his denial, the young man was made to compensate Kwame Atta who elders felt had been disgraced.

The Young man thus was slapped with a fine of GHC2000.

Weeks after the fine, Kwame Attah began to develop a strange illness and later confessed that he actually slept with his children as the young man reported.

Kwame Attah is now made to face the traditional council’s vexation and lying before them.


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