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Don’t be selfish, just be patient with God in your difficult times — Prophetess Mrs. Lina Biney

Prophetess Mrs. Lina Biney, the Prophesier in charge of the Crystal Grace Chapel International has advised Christians not to give up on God when His (God’s) voice is long heard in their lives.

She urged Christians not to be selfish in times of trouble like the Israelites did when Moses left them for some time with no trace of his whereabouts.

Delivering a sermon dubbed “Never let Anything bring a Gap between you and your Maker” in her temple on Sunday, August 8, the woman of God added that temptation shouldn’t be a yardstick for believers to lose faith.

“Don’t be selfish like the Israelites, because as Christians you may surely encounter difficulties, so when they appear, never make up your mind that God hasn’t been good to you.

“Same God was the one who saved you from the previous ones, and he even made you who you are now, so what tells you he can’t redeem you from this too?” the astute prophet queries.

Mrs. Biney, drawing her sermon from Exodus 33:1-10 and 14:14 schooled them on the possibility of their plight being a test by God.

“Always remember that God may be tempting your fate as he did to the Israelites whom he intentionally made toil in the wilderness for 40 years, even though they could have used a day to complete that journey,” she noted.

In furtherance, the prophet urged, “Just as he finally offered the Israelites the exact fertile land he promised their forefathers (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob), so your problems will be solved and your destinies come to pass.”

Drawing the curtains down on her sermon, she reiterated the importance of Christians always getting in touch with their maker, despite their busy schedule.

She explained that the work believers sometimes use as an excuse for them missing church is something given by God and can be taken back at anytime.

Source: Isaac Donkor

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