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The media is not only about Information, education & entertainment, impact is key – Sammy Adu Boakye

The Media is often regarded as the fourth estate or fourth power which refers to the press and news media both in the explicit capacity of advocacy and implicit ability to frame political issues and others.

It has always been said that the core mandate of the media is to provide information, education and entertainment but that some media houses play roles which go way beyond these three.

The programs director at Kessben Media, Sammy Adu Boakye speaking on Kessben TV’s Maakye with Kwame Appiah Kubi highlighted that modern-day media have much more responsibility which goes beyond only providing entertainment, information and education.

He accentuated that at Kessben Media, one of the major core duties is to impact directly on the people’s lives positively and the general society at large.

Sammy, who also doubles as the General manager for the foundation noted that Kessben Media partnered with the Kessben Outreach Foundation to impact society positively through Foundation’s Poverty alleviation programmes and other donor activities.


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