At a certain point, you need to support others to the top; Becca shares new career direction

Ghanaian singer Becca is one of the iconic women to create a path for other female musicians in the industry. Becca talks about singing, music and lifestyle to 3 entertainment.

Unfortunately, Becca’s absence has been profound in the space as she was once a stronger contender for her comrades. The mother of one shares her future plans promising to never let her fans hang dry.

“What I said that a lot of people couldn’t understand was that I said I wasn’t going to be actively recording music. I have a lot of records. If I’m standing on stage, I could sing for 5 hours and not run out of songs.

“I am in the studio recording, and I have recorded. What I told them was that I was not going to be actively doing it because I believe that at a certain point, you need to support the upcoming people,” she told Naphtali Baah.

Becca continued to reveal her intentions to serenade for as long as she can. Using legendary musician Yvonne Chaka Chaka as an example, she promised to be a performer until the end.

“But I’m an artiste just like Yvonne Chaka Chaka. She’s still performing at her age. So, I’m going to be performing forever. I can never run away from that. I’m just going to take my time, pace myself and do it however I want to do it. I don’t want to be dictated to by people, but I have something coming up for you.”

source: 3news

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