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A/R: ‘Jealous stepchild ‘Abeiku’ poisons the food of stepmother to completely eliminate her (Video)

A 15-year-old teenager who has been living with his stepmother and father at Asante Akyem in the Ashanti region poisoned the food and water of the stepmother.

According to a report by Kessben FM’s Multi Pee, the stepmother had apparently returned from a funeral and placed her bottle of water in the corridor while she entered the room to have a little rest.

The 15-year-old reportedly poured the poison into her bottled water and went ahead to also put some of the poison in the soup which was on fire.

While pouring the poison into the water, a child in the house saw him and when the stepmother asked for her drink to be brought to her, the child who saw the stepchild pouring the poison into the water told the stepmother.

Upon further checks, it was truly established that the water had been tempered with poison.


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