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Sam George nominated to serve as Secretary for APNIG

The African Parliamentary Network on Internet Governance was officially launched on 19th June 2022 at the Africa Internet Governance Forum in Lilongwe, Malawi.

The goal of the Network is strengthening the role of Parliamentarians in shaping our common digital future from an African perspective.

The African Parliamentary Network on Internet Governance (APNIG) empowers Parliamentarians by strengthening their capacities, networks and competencies in framing digital development in Africa.

Internet Governance is collaborative with pluralistic consensus from diverse communities building the internet. The Multistakeholder approach is the glue that binds inclusive participation.

Our inaugural digital policy symposium, comprises of progressive discussions on digital policy and evolution of the internet.

The African Parliamentary Network on Internet Governance has 30 members from 20 Countries across the continent. Our aim is to have active Parliamentarians committed to digital development from all 54 African States.

Collectively, we have agreed to immediately start addressing the following pertinent issues towards digital development in Africa:

1. Capacity Building for APNIG Members that drills down to cover the national status

– Digital Geopolitics

– The Digital Economy

– Governance for an open and unfragmented Internet

– The AU Digital Transformation Strategy for Africa

– Data Governance including Data Protection

– Digital Space Legislation

– Cybersecurity and cyber crimes

– Artificial Intelligence

– Taxation of the Digital Sector and Revenue Sharing

– Strengthening digital citizens rights

– Addressing online abuse to women in politics

2. Strategic learning missions in best practice countries

3. Organise Africa-EU/Africa-UK/Africa-North America/Africa-South America/Africa-Asia/Africa-Oceania MPs Digital Policy Dialogue.

4. Engage in a regional, continental and international multistakeholder and multi-sector dialogue to foster sustainable digital development in Africa

5. Review and follow up on ratification of international, continental and regional legal framework as per national specifics

6. Address meaningful digital connectivity across African continent

7. Develop Five Year Strategic and Work Plan for APNIG

8. Develop Internet Governance Toolkit/Checklist for African Parliamentarians

9. Championing regional collaborative consultations in the digital related law making processes

The Network is led by Hon. Neema Lugangira from Tanzania as Chairman with Hon. Alhajie Mbow as Vice Chairman. Hon. Samuel Nartey George from Ghana has been nominated to serve as Secretary.

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