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Woman Confronts Husband For Saving Her Name On His Phone As ‘Problem’ Shortly After An Argument

A lady has accused her husband of calling her an “embarrassing” moniker on his smartphone.

While her husband was getting ready to drive as they left town, the woman who followed her instinct demanded to check his phone after a short argument.

A video making rounds online captured the moment the distraught wife confronted her husband who was about to step out. she requested his phone and immediately checked his call history, where she saw that her phone number had been saved under a different name.

She inquired as to why he had stored her name as “Problem” as she wondered if it was only because they had a minor argument.

She was shocked when the man defended what she had done and affirmed to her that she was really a problem.

Watch the video below;

Read some hilarious reactions below;

kelseywealthy wrote; ‘Person don save my number as “my psycho” just because of small problem as innocent as I am Make relationship people allow us singlet rest abeg

mrlandlordd; That’s too harsh brr, you’d have Sav it with “miss portable” fair enough .Does that has to change anything on phone? If that’s it has been many names would have been changed to the present situation. Bro change it back. Try and settle the ish.

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