Brave taxi driver chases & apprehends thieves who robbed a mobilemoney agent (Video)

A taxi driver in Adugyama near Mankranso did the unthinkable as he chased the four robbers who had robbed a mobilemoney agent with his car on the Mankranso – Kumasi Road.

The robbers apparently made away with some undisclosed amount of physical cash and two merchant sims which had GHC2600 them.

The Taxi Driver who spoke with Kessben TV said that he could not have looked idle for the robbers to have gone as he had the chance of chasing them with his taxi.

He noted that as he drew closer to the robbers’ vehicle he hit them with his Taxi resulting in a pullover.

After the robbers pulled over, he face them squarely as two of the robbers run away the other 2 were arrested with the help of some men around.

The mobile phones with the merchant sims were retrieved.

According to the taxi driver, the taxi does not belong to him. Some parts of the Taxi got damaged as a result of the situation. He noted that the car owner is very furious about what he did.


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