Your fetish priests turn leaves into money; Why are you going to IMF? – Kumchacha questions gov’t

Prophet Kumchacha questions why the government does not turn to these “spiritual” men (voodoo) who claim to provide financial relief for money.

Prophet Nicholas Osei, known as Prophet Kumchahca, rued the frequency with which these con men under the disguise of juju (voodoo) swindle gullible Ghanaians out of their hard-earned money. He held our leaders and authorities responsible for the growing canker plaguing our airwaves and television.

“Recently, it was reported that a man was duped because he wanted to double ghc50,000 into a million cedis. It’s definitely greed that would make someone take such a step. If the one claiming such power (to double money) was legit, won’t all the people in his hometown be wealthy?”

He further told Oman Channel of one trickster who masqueraded as a master of the dark arts and promised to turn leaves into money.

“The other day, I wished I could slap some fetish priest through my tv. He had gathered leaves, claiming he can turn them into money. If it is this same Ghana where some claim to turn leaves into money, why is our president going to IMF for financial support?”

But Kumchacha also mentioned that despite the ridiculousness of such claims, these con men do not force their victims. Instead, they prey on greediness and discontentment.

“It is difficult to understand these things, but the issue is if you are careless, you will likely end up in trouble because whoever didn’t force you. They only preyed on your greed,” Kumchacha pointed out.

source: 3news

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