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Man whose wife left him poisons his 2 children to death and poisons himself as well (Video)

A man has ended the life of his two children after he put poison in their food at Shamaa, a community in the Western region of Ghana.

Kessben FM’s reporter Kwame Nkrumah reporting on the sad development noted that the divorced man had apparently warned the ex-wife that he was going to kill the children.

Kwame Nkrumah speaking on Kessben FM’s Breaking News with Nyakoh Abronomah said the ex-wife had broken up with him so he was living with the children at his residence.

The ex-wife who often comes and visits her children on Weekends paid her last visit to the children last Sunday, 19th June 2022.

The ex-wife narrated that her ex-husband told her that he was going to poison the children so she went straight to the police and reported the man.

Upon returning from the police station she came to meet the children eating rice which was given to the children by the father.

The children started feeling unwell and were sent to the hospital but unfortunately could not survive from the food poisoning.

The ex-husband who also ate the poisoned food is however currently receiving treatment at the hospital.


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