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Goaso Akrodie: Overconfident electrician dies after being electrocuted on a power pole (Video)

An electrical contractor identified as Samuel Ampadu has passed away after he was electrocuted on a power pole near Akrodie in the Ahafo Region.

Eyewitnesses told Kessben FM’s reporter, Obour Badwinba that Samuel was contacted to fix a fault on the electrical pole which had led to a power outage in the community.

The late Samuel after getting to where the electrical pole was situated sent one of his apprentices to go and bring his tools which he had forgotten to bring along.

The chief electrician could not wait for his tools to arrive before he climbed the power pole with his raw hands without any tools.

The apprentice who was sent did not even get to the shop of his master when he heard that Mr. Samuel Amapdu has been electrocuted.

When he got back to the power pole, his master was left lifeless hanging on the power pole.

The people around took him off the pole and subsequently taken him to the hospital. Doctors confirmed he died before arrival.


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