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Asante Akyem: Matron caught stealing foodstuff of Ofoase Senior High School (Video)

The students of Ofoase Senior High had apparently complained about the insufficiency in the food they are served in the school.

A few weeks after the students expressed their displeasure with the insufficient food they are served with, the Chief Matron of the school was caught packing foodstuffs in a taxi.

Some members of the Ofoase township had heard rumours that some of the foodstuffs meant to be used for meals for the schools were siphoned.

On Sunday 5th June 2022 around 9 to 10 pm, a taxi entered the compound of the school. Some young guys including some committee members of the town decided to keep a spy on the taxi which had entered the school compound.

To their surprise, it was the Matron of the school was who was leading the taxi driver taking some foodstuffs into the car.

The matron who could not stand the shame had to quickly leave the scene by saying she was going to urinate.

She was later picked up by the police but has now been granted bail.


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