NPP Awutu Senya East Aspiring Youth Organizer Commander David steps Down

The aspiring New Patriotic Party’s Youth Organizer of the Awutu Senya East of the Central Region Commander David as he is affectionately known has stepped down in the party’s upcoming internal elections.

Commander David said his stepping down has nothing to do with powerful people urging him not to contest but rather a personal decision and will Unflinching support who ever wins to campaign vigorously for the party to break the 8.

Below is the full statement :

As the New Patriotic Party continues its internal process to elect new officers to take over leadership for the next term of four years, I wish to congratulate all those who have put names forward to lead in various portfolios in the constituency so far. To both prospective winners and losers, I wish to remind us of what binds us together as a family and party.

In about 2 months from now, the party will be electing it’s Constituency leaders from a pool of well talented and motivated men and women. It does not matter who wins or loses, which perceived camp or block one belongs to. It is about that single aim in our journey of breaking the eight and continue the good policies from being destroyed by the NDC.

After touring the constituency and touching base with youth groups of our party, consulting with respected founding fathers of our tradition, I have come to the conclusion that my contest is not just about me but about the aspirations of the party and its desire to break the 8. In the supreme interest of breaking the 8 in 2024, I have decided to defer my decision to contest the position of the Constituency Youth Organizer for the Awutu Senya East In as much as It comes as a surprise to most teaming supporters of our party and most individuals who had expressed interest and confidence in my leadership abilities, I wish to put it on record, my decision is impelled by the absolute desire of seeing the NPP break the 8 in 2024 election to deliver governance of continuity to the people of Ghana. May I use this opportunity to say thank you to all those who supported my bid. The NPP shall break the 8. Let’s work together as a team.

Signed David Kwofie (Central Region and Awutu Senya East Security Commander)

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