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It appears the NPP does not have a plan B if E Levy is not implemented – Nana Frimpong Ziega

Political analyst, Nana Frimpong Ziega has reacted to the ruling NPP Government’s eagerness to implement the currently most talked about subject, the proposed E levy.

Nana Frimpong Ziega says the ruling NPP party is behaving as they have no other alternative to make revenue than the E levy.

Speaking in reaction to the Yentua Demonstration by the NDC on Thursday 10th February 2022, Ziega underscored that he is afraid of the NPP’s entrenched position to implement the unpopular tax.

The E levy since proposed in the 2022 Budget has received a negative response from the general public saying it is double taxation.

Ziega is amazed by the NPP’s insistence to approve the E levy despite the clarion disapproval by the Ghanaian citizenry.


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